About my work
I'm a design leader with 10+ years of experience at companies of all stages and sizes, from Apple to seed stage startups. I'm a product designer at heart but I love to dabble in different disciplines including research, product, and brand. I am excited by new technology, but am most fulfilled by solving complex problems for people. I believe psychological safety is the most important foundation for building great design teams. I try to learn something new from everyone I meet.
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Oath brand refresh
Brand design, leadership | Oath care
Self guided walkthroughs
Product design | Opendoor
Community redesign
Product design | Oath care
Opendoor Design system
Product design | Opendoor
Promoting growth through agents
Research and strategy | Opendoor
Account creation
Product design | Opendoor
Flight redesign
Product design | Expedia
Trip completion
Design manager | Expedia


I've worked at companies of all stages and sizes. I do best when I can have autonomy and wear many hats. The most important thing I look for is a team I can collaborate with and learn from.

Front end dev / UX designer
April 2013 - January 2017
Product designer / Design manager
January 2017 — September 2019
Product designer
September 2019— October 2022
Oath care
Head of design
October 2022 - present


I got my Bachelor's degree from Greenville University in Psychology. Before I started in tech, I was a case manager supporting adults with developmental disabilities. I was craving something more creative and analytical in my career and found product design to be a perfect blend of Psychology and creativity. I have continued to learn new skills and frameworks through courses & programs from Nielsen Norman group, Stanford continuing education, and Reforge.